I'm getting the following error when validating a change set with a new custom app in it:

Error parsing file: 'Background' is not a valid value for the enum 'FlexiPageRegionType'

It seems to be suggesting that it is a problem with a UtilityBar component, but I don't have that activated for my app.

I have noticed that my sandbox has updated to Winter '19 but the destination is still Summer '18.

I cannot see how to force the sandbox to Winter '19.

Any help would be greatly received.


In order to deploy a feature that is available in the Winter '19 release, your target org must be on the same release. In your case, as you have already figured out correctly, your target org is a release behind and you cannot force an upgrade. Salesforce releases upgrades three times per year and you have to wait until your org gets upgraded as this happens automatically. If you know your instance, you can head to https://status.salesforce.com/ and click on your instance, and then maintenance which will show you the date when the major release happens.

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