I'm new in Marketing Cloud. It's my first time that i work with the Journey Builder. I read about the JB and learned to follow the steps when I like to work with a Data Extension like Entry Source in my Journey:

  1. Sendable Data Extension have the Subscriber Key the Email Address field.
  2. I've linked my DE to the Contacts data schema as a Population in Contact Builder, from ContactKey <=> Subscriber Key.
  3. In Contacts Configuration, I've added my DE and its Email Address attribute to the Email Address Channel Order
  4. I've put this Data Extension like the Entry Source just simple step: drag and drop
  5. In my Journey I want to divide the split the subscriber according the date exists in the field in the DE "DataNascimento"
  6. The Journey is evaluating on the average 90% of the all contacts. When I go to the View Event Results in Journey Builder, I noticed that the Rejected Contacts is on the average 90% appears this error: Failed - Currently Waiting In Same Interaction.

I want to know about this error, please. And the status about the subscriber that evaluated in Journey appears like ContactAttempted and none actvity. On the average by my Journey appears as:

  • 90% evaluated and has activity normally
  • 9% evaluated, but doesn't have an activity - ContactAttempted
  • 1% error like i said - Failed - Currently Waiting In Same Interaction.

I want to know more about this Journey. I noticed that it's normally


Journey History for the most part is useless due to the limited amount of information given, but in your case it's fairly easy to understand what is wrong.

Currently Waiting In Same Interaction - means that this Contact is already on your Journey and by Journey Settings you have defined that a Contact can re-enter only after Exit or no re-entry.

To allow a Contact enter multiple times, you will need to have Entry Settings set to allow re-entry at any time.

Anyway, since you're new to Journey Builder it might be a good idea to start off by reading the documentation and checking some how-to videos. You'll have a better overview why and how things happen, how to approach for some use case and how to troubleshoot the issues.

  • Hello, Rain. Actually my journey has a data extension with 400.000 subscribers, but only on the average 90% of the subscriber entries there. – Joao Marano Oct 2 '18 at 14:52
  • The error you noted above about 'Same Interaction' states that those customers already exist in that Journey with that subscriber key. Any other failure should be checked case by case if your target DE data is fine. – Rain Oct 2 '18 at 14:59

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