How I can use scratch-def.json for creating new org without using DX CLI?


Go to "Manage Connections" from the IC toolbar (it's a on the drop-down that says "Open Connection"). Click on the DX Icon in the top-left to start creating a scratch org.

On the new scratch org dialog, there's a folder icon next to the field for Org Name. You can use that to pick an existing scratch-def.json. The the dialog will be populated with the setting from that file.

This is particularly useful when your scratch org has expired on an existing project.

enter image description here

  • That's good feedback. If the discoverability of that feature is low, I can change it to something more obvious, perhaps a hyperlink like Load scratch org definition. I'm certainly open to feedback on how it could be improved. – Scott Wells Apr 4 at 23:42

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