Mistake in Lightning Component docs or my misunderstanding?

From the Lightning Component Reference at the very bottom of the "Documentation" tab it reads,

This component supports the following methods.





while the "Methods" section of the "Specification" tab lists,



If I inspect the obj with `typeof x.y === "function" they all seem available.

Why the difference in these lists?

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Just to reiterate the obvious, It seems the issue is with the docs. I saw this in several other components as well.

For example lightning:select component doc is consistent but lightning:textarea has same issue. There could be some more components with inconsistencies.

Other than confirming the issue, i don't think anybody here can do much about it. Things are improving with every release, We can only hope that docs will improve as well with time.

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    In the Lightning Platform Roadmap Sessions at DF18 this past week, that was one of the things I recall being promised was improvements in the documentation. I do not recall the delivery date for those improvements. – crmprogdev Sep 29 '18 at 14:07

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