This is where I am right now. Basically, I have a Trigger internal to our company, when this trigger is invoked, it looks for customers who meet a particular requirement such as being older then 42;

The goal was to make use of our existing license with Exact Target, and E-Mail these matched customers when a Trigger locates them.. Each Trigger can have its own unique FromName/FromEmailAddress; Each Trigger may also have it's own unique Subject.

A LIST changes each day, while the Subscriber List provided by Exact Target expects fairly static data.. I can CREATE a LIST and associate it with the Matched customers each day by appending them to that STATIC list. THE PROBLEM is that when I choose to now Send an Email to only the NEWLY added Subscribers, it becomes difficult, I can add a FILTER and send ONLY to those who are new such as an subscriber attribute/column "EmailToday" being set to "1"; However, this means that after sending each list, I must go back and update the subscriber list to change that column to "1"; THE SUB-PROBLEMS a) This column changes before the Email Send Definition actually processes the filter and SEND the e-mail(in my tests, this is certainly not immediate); and b) I now have to maintain a potentially large LIST and Update it periodically to set old customers to "1" and new customers to "0" if they're already in the LIST; These are the problems I am having currently. Can someone PLEASE shed some light on an appropriate approach.

OPTIONS I'VE CONSIDERED; Create a single list of all customers, update this list each day. Create EXACT TARGET TRIGGERS which reflect/mirror the ones I've created internally; Then I can allow ET to take care of this as intended.. However the PROBLEMS here is that now it becomes more difficult to maintain an established link between ET triggers and specific details such as SenderProfile, and Email Subject/Template changing between MY SYSTEMS INTERNAL TRIGGERS;

Looking forward to a response.

NOTE It boils down to me just wanting to do ONE time e-mail bursts, with the ability of keeping track of Unsubscribes; Which requires a Single List which is never deleted.. which makes this difficult, I also need to perform Tracking, and so I am concerned I cannot delete the Send Definition either;

If it was possible to create a list, always update this list with new emails, just to maintain un-subscribes, be able to DELETE SendDefinition without loosing Tracking of it, and specify specifically which emails out of the List are going to be e-mailed through this SendDefinition, then things would be golden.

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    Hi Kyle. Welcome to the Salesforce Stack Exchange. I added the exacttarget tag to your question, so that those that follow that tag will be more likely to be aware of your question. Jan 2, 2014 at 22:57
  • I'm a little confused by the Send Definition portion - what is the reasoning behind tracking the specific send definition? Jan 2, 2014 at 23:31
  • Tracking is based on Job ID which is where Send Definition(Perform) comes in via the Web Service.. I am returned the "TaskID"; Jan 3, 2014 at 15:41
  • JobID's get assigned to emails that have been sent - the send definition simply connects all the pieces of a send for simplicity. You can execute a send definition, as opposed to performing a send, with the email, list, sender profile, etc in the code. Send definition is more for setting up an automation. Which object is giving you TaskID? I'm not finding that in the [WSDL] (webservice.exacttarget.com/etframework.wsdl) Jan 3, 2014 at 19:06
  • Sorry just re-reading your edits, which seems to change the question a bit. Your question is really broad, and I'm having a hard time understanding exactly what your use case is here. It might be good for you and I to catch up next week and discuss your use case in detail, so I can help you get to something you can use. Jan 3, 2014 at 19:12

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Most likely what you are looking to do here, is to associate these sends with a campaign.

Here is a link to campaign info

Since our tracking is per email send, and not by send definition, associating your individual sends to a campaign will help you get a better understanding of how the collective group of sends perform.

Hope this helps!

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