I am getting Unknown user permission: GiveRecognitionBadge while deploying the admin profile by ANT.I can the comment the permission in the profile XML and deploy but it would be great to know what this permission is so that i can do the necessary in the target org to get rid of this error and save some time.


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Sounds like the sandbox you're deploying from is already on Winter '19 (v.44), but your production org is on Summer '18 (v.43). The GiveRecognitionBadge permission is related to the new "Give Badge" functionality detailed in the release notes here:


  • You are right the api version of the source org is 44 while the destination is 43.Both the source and destination are sandboxes.I guess nothing can be done other than waiting Sep 26, 2018 at 14:52
  • Aside from manually removing it from your package.xml file, I think you're right. We use Gearset for CI/CD and we've done the equivalent to exclude things like this in the past. Sorry I couldn't give you better news! Sep 26, 2018 at 15:29

Running into the same issue, thanks for the link.

I did use Workbench to retrieve, and both in Workbench, and in the Package.xml, I specified version 43, so it should not have shown up. Will just clean up manually for now.

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