I'm noticing a discrepancy between running a data filter versus running a SQL query activity (containing the same logic).

Here's my data filter: enter image description here

And, here's my query activity: enter image description here

Finally, here are both DE's and their counts: enter image description here

Any idea what might be going wrong? I also tried to enclose the text values in my data filter with single quotes which did not help out.

  • The discrepancy is somewhere in where I exclude email addresses and "OriginationDepartmentName". Removing both from both data filter and query produced the same count. Weird.
    – Mike Marks
    Sep 25 '18 at 17:25

The issue here is that when the SQL query runs, it excludes all records that have a blank value for an email address. When the data filter executes, it includes blank values for email addresses.

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