Use case:

  1. Boomi configured to use HTTP Client connector as per Boomi configuration doc
  2. Connected App setup in SFDC as per instructions above
  3. OAuth Token successfully generated
  4. Boomi POST to SFDC /services/data/v43.0/sobjects/SomePlatformEvent__e with a correct JSON body

Result: 400 Bad Request

Unable to browse connector: invalid response:
[{"errorCode":"URL_NOT_RESET","message":"Destination URL not reset. 
The URL returned from login must be set"}]

If the OAuth token acquisition is successful, that indicates successful authentication so why would the POST of the sobject fail?


It took us 2 hours to figure this out and is basically a faceplant. Posting as answer to save the next person this issue as we didn't see a similar solution elsewhere

The Boomi instructions are quite clear yet in a spasm of epistemic arrogance, we refused to believe them

We had:

enter image description here

This is WRONG. Instance url means Instance Url Per the instructions "In AtomSphere create a new HTTP Connection".

URL = Base URL of your Salesforce org's REST API. Salesforce instance (e.g. na7) and version (e.g. v39.0) may differ. For example, https://na7.salesforce.com/services/data/v39.0/. Remember the remainder of the API endpoint will be configured in the Operation component.

You need to have:

enter image description here

where na30 happened to be our pod; yours may be different.

Although the Boomi doc says it uses the SFDC OAuth web server flow, and that flow says that SFDC will return the instanceURL as per:


Boomi seems to ignore this and requires manual specification of the instance URL. As such, if your pod changes, your Boomi connection will break unless you coordinate the change.

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