Hope someone has an answer for my question. We have two business units in Marketing Cloud and one Salesforce Org. With the MC Connector, we push the SF data to MC.

At moment we use an SQL query to transfer the data of the synchronized objects from the parent business unit to the child business unit.The total sync time for the child BU is +/- 1,5 hour.

Cloud we use multi org to set up the MC connector for the child BU?

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While you can enable multi-org to connect multiple business units to the same Org, this is not supported and not recommended. Support will advise against this and can be problematic when synchronizing a large number of records, as multiple concurrent requests will be made on the same object from different BUs, which places a large (and unnecessary) load on the Object. Also, bear in mind that once you implement multi-org, this is irreversible as it changes the underlying structure of your account.

As you can't share Synchronized Data Extensions, you are correct in that you will need to write query activities to update DEs in your Child BU. FYI (and for the information of others who want to do this), you can retrieve Synchronized DEs directly from a Query Activity in the Child BU using the ENT. prefix (e.g. use FROM ENT.Contact_Salesforce).

However, you can't do this for accounts that were created after January 2018, as they have implemented a measure to prevent this (due to a GDPR policy update). But you can open a Support request asking them to enable this again for you.

  • Hi Eliot, Thanks for your answer! When we enable multi-org to connect multiple business units to the same Org. Do you know if the Salesforce canvas activities in the Journey Builder will work? Reagarding the large load on the object. We where thinking of adding an unique field to the object. This wil make it possible to filter on this field in the sync objects (MC -> Contact Builder -> Data Sources). So clients of BU1 will only sync to BU1 and clients of BU2 will only sync to BU2. We already use the ENT. prefix, a great tip though! Makes it a lot easier. Thanks! – Klaas Faze Sep 25 '18 at 8:00

Multi-org account configuration allows individual Marketing Cloud business units to connect with a single Salesforce org, independent of the parent account or other business units.

In your case, both business units are connected to the same Sales Cloud Org, ORGA, using connected app authentication. A user, U1, has access to both business units. Because both business units are connected to ORGA, U1 must be connected to the same Sales Cloud user account, UA.

  • this seems to be the most up to date answer as to 2020. Can you confirm that with the above configuration (2 BUs connected to the same SF org with Multi-Org enabled) you are able to use Salesforce Canvas Activities (e.g. Update SF Contact) and Salesforce Data Entry in Journey Builder? Thanks! – LimeWeb Dec 23 '20 at 7:49

Yes. I've worked with an org that had 8 MID's, all connected separately to the same SF org with no issues.

However, apparently it isn't really recommended by Salesforce. Probably for a good reason, but I've seen it work with no real issues.

  • Hi Rain, Thanks for your answer. We found an article from 2015 with a similar question. In the article, they said you can't use Journey Builder/the Salesforce canvas activities with the multi-org set-up. Do you know if this is the case? Thanks! – Klaas Faze Sep 25 '18 at 8:05
  • Nope, this wasn't the case. Journey Builder worked the same across all units, with a number of them utilizing Salesforce activities. – Rain Sep 25 '18 at 8:09
  • @KlaasFaze, we're facing the same issue, what configuration did you end up with? It seems that in 2020 there is now Multi-org config. as stated by Krati. were you able to use Salesforce Canvas Activities (e.g. Update SF Contact) and Salesforce Data Entry in Journey Builder in all BUs while both connected to the same SF Org? – LimeWeb Dec 23 '20 at 7:52
  • @Rain, any new thoughts? How did you achieve this without Multi-Org? – LimeWeb Dec 23 '20 at 7:53
  • 1
    @LimeWeb since it wasn't best practice, we decided to not enable multi-org. Instead I created an additional automation with the same queries to shorten the time. Not the best solution, but it worked for us. – Klaas Faze Jan 4 at 13:56

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