I am setting up lightning community and and upon clicking an url(url is a hyperlink in formula field) , the user is directed to community ,the community hosts a vf page which accepts an Id , which in turn is the parameter that the vf page needs. Now i have been trying to pass on the id in the community url from the formula field , but somehow the url paramter i.e. the id is stripped of and is replaced with "\s" at the end of the community url and my vf page displays a page as shown in the screenshot , which is actually displayed when you try to preview the vf page , because the id is null.

I also tried to included the record id in the field as shown with {!guid} but not sure why it doesnt get passed into the vf page .

below is my formula hyperlink - which upon click - would be directed to community

HYPERLINK("/apex/vfpage?guid="&_ID__c,"Respond To Invitation","_blank") - this opens up the vf page with right Id

when i change above formula field to launch community and then show the vf page , it doesnt get the ID

HYPERLINK(" https://salesforce custom domain/communityname/s?guid="&_ID__c,"Respond To Invitation","_blank")

enter image description here

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