Hello I have an apex:commandButton with action and if statement for rendering it.

rendered="{!IF(theCase.Status == '7', true, false)}

I somehow need to add to the rendered a statement, which will only allow it to appear for Queue with api names team_CT and team_ESK.

Thanks for any advice.

  • can you provide more details. do you have to check if running user is a member of team_CT or team_ESK queues and only if so display this section ? – Oleksandr Berehovskyi Sep 24 '18 at 11:01
  • yes exactly, user must be member of one of these queues – David Sep 24 '18 at 11:05

first, expression {!IF(theCase.Status == '7', true, false)} equals to {!theCase.Status == '7'}

to add some logic to rendering condition, you can use AND, OR, NOT.. logical functions.

if you are using custom controller - simply check if current user is a member of mentioned queue and set property hasAccessBasedOnQueue to true



public class with sharing CustController {
    public Boolean hasAccessBasedOnQueue {get; set;}
    public CustController(){
        hasAccessBasedOnQueue =  isCurrentUserMemberOfRequiredQueues();

    private Boolean isCurrentUserMemberOfRequiredQueues(){
       List<String> allowedQueuesDevNames = new List<String>{
       return !([
           select Id
           from GroupMember
           where Group.DeveloperName in :allowedQueuesDevNames
               and Group.Type = 'Queue'
               and UserOrGroupId = :UserInfo.getUserId()

VF page:

rendered="{! AND(theCase.Status == '7', hasAccessBasedOnQueue)}

You can do something like below given you don't have any users with the same names. Below solution doesn't use API name but labels of queue.

rendered="{!AND(theCase.Status == '7', OR(theCase.owner.name == 'Queue 1', theCase.owner.name == 'Queue 2')}"


For the logged in user to be the member of the queue you can declare a variable in your controller.

public integer count {get; set;}

 count = [select count() from GroupMember where
                Group.Type = 'Queue' AND
                UserOrGroupId = :UserInfo.getUserId() AND
                Group.DeveloperName in ('team_CT', 'team_ESK')];
return count;

And write the render expression based on this variable.

rendered="{! AND(theCase.Status == '7', count > 0)}

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