My app: dukagjin.herokuapp.com works just fine when using the Heroku given URL to access it. However, the custom domain that I've attached to this app does not work:


The domain name is from name.com. I have created a CNAME record there which looks like this:

CNAME www.dukagj.in dukagjin.herokuapp.com 300 N/A

I would also like to avoid the www. altogether, but I don't know how to do that without messing up my emails (which I have to set up soon).

Why is my domain saying "No such app" when clearly the app exists?


It doesn't look like that CNAME record has propagated. I'm still seeing an A-record (which is not supported for Heroku custom domains):

➜  ~ dig +noall +answer www.dukagj.in
www.dukagj.in.      10  IN  A
www.dukagj.in.      10  IN  A

Once it does, you can view this doc for how to set up an Apex domain (no www) using an ALIAS or ANAME record: Custom Domain Names for Apps

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