//this is my before insert trigger

public with sharing class Account_Amount 
    public Account_Amount(){} 

    public void calAmmount(List<Account> accList){
    AccountDiscount__c mc = AccountDiscount__c.getValues('AllUser');
    for(Account acc: accList)
        Double discount=mc.AcctDiscount__c/100;


and my test class is

public with sharing class Test_Acc_Amount
     static testMethod void test1(){

        Account o1 = new Account();


        insert o1;

        Account pAccount=[select Id,Name,Ammount__c from Account where Name='bhagyashri'];


I'm getting error failure message: system.dmlexception insert failed and getting code coverage 87 %


Looks like your trigger code is retrieving a custom setting value.

Which API version is your test class written in? Because current versions default to seealldata=false which means that there won't be any data in the custom settings during the test execution.


it's a good idea to always wrap your DML calls in try/catch blocks like this:

try {
    insert / update / delete / undelete statement
} catch (DMLException dmle) {

Doing so will let you know WHY your DML is failing.

  • I totally recommend this. – MnZ Jun 6 '14 at 15:25

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