I need to create a control group inside Marketing Cloud. A control group would be a subgroup of a data extension to whom I would not send campaign information. Example: If I had a DE with 500 campaign members, I could have 100 members as a control group and 400 as "not control group".

Then I would measure the 400 members success against the 100 members success to have an overview of campaign success. Is there any form to measure this inside SFMC?

And case have a sync between Sales and SFMC, is there a form to measure?


Not anything out-of-the-box, but you can:

  1. Add a Boolean field to your DE
  2. Query TOP 10 PERCENT for your control
  3. Use an AMPscript Lookup in your email for the Boolean field
  4. Wrap a RaiseError with an IF statement, if the lookup field returns “Control” then the RaiserError will skip the send.

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