Due to Salesforce logsize limit (250 MB) I have to reduce the log file issued from one of our process in the org. After a lot of code-optimization and removing all useless statements the logfile is still big enough to reach the limit.

I noticed that most of the payload in the logfile seems to be provided from "variable assignment" event so my question is, can I avoid this writing during the code running (process launched from dev. console from Anonymous window). I also want to avoid debug level modification if possible

To be clear, I don't want to prevent the event itself but the event writing in the log.

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unfortunately without changing debug level VARIABLE_ASSIGNMENT event will be displayed at FINEST Apex code debug level. (according to Debug Log Levels)

so, set debug level to FINER or less


field or information logged with event: Line number, variable name (including the variable’s namespace, if applicable), a string representation of the variable’s value, and the variable’s address

category: Apex Code

level logged: FINEST

  • Thanks for the reply, I guessed that there was some limitation but I tryed to know if any exotic solution exists Sep 19, 2018 at 12:22

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