I want to display the twitter feeds on my site.com page. I have twitter id saved in my object. How can i display the twitter feeds on site.com. If any body have any idea how to get twitter feeds on site.com by using twitter id please guide me. I am not able to get any solution from this issue.


Look at the Twitter developer site for information on the different predefined Twitter widgets such as Embedded Timelines and for information on more fine grained ways to get Twitter information such as the Rest API. The predefined widgets will generate markup that you can then paste into your Site.com widget, page, or page template in a Custom Code Block. Note that this might be all that you need to do. If you still think you need to get the Twitter account information from a custom object, I’ve outlined how you can get that data below and an alternative approach using a Site.com Widget.

Getting data from a custom object

For your case where the values are stored on a custom object you can use a Data Repeater and a Custom Code Block.

  • Make sure that the Site’s Guest User profile has the correct permissions for your custom object. You can access it through Site Configuration | SiteName Profile, or when you add the Data Repeater there is a link to get to the Profile.
  • Add a Data Repeater that queries to get that exact record.
  • Add a Custom Code Block within that Data Repeater.
  • Within that Custom Code Block you will have access to merge field(s) for that record that has the Twitter account information.

Site.com Widget

Site.com now supports Widgets which are reusable page independent sections. You can store properties (arbitrary name/value pairs) for a Widget and then access them in your pages through merge fields. You may want to consider this approach as opposed to querying from a Salesforce record.

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