I am using lightning:datatable to render data including dates.

My date column definition looks like:

{ label: 'Expiration', fieldName: 'ExpirationDate__c', type: 'date'}

The date in the table is rendered as "Sep 17, 2018". I even tried rendering it using something like:

<ui:outputDate value="{!v.myDataList[0].ExpirationDate__c}"/>

... and same results.

Dates rendered from standard SF views (like in related lists for example) look like "09/17/2018"

Why don't my custom components render using the same formatting as standard UI?


Perhaps the issue I am seeing is related to this: https://success.salesforce.com/issues_view?id=a1p3A000000FmAgQAK


You need to use the format attribute to display the output however you want. In your case to be able to display it as 09/17/2018, you can just have it as:

<ui:outputDate value="{!v.myDataList[0].ExpirationDate__c}" format="MM/DD/YYYY"/>

Refer to the documentation's specification for details.

If you need to support User's locale, use lightning:formattedDate instead, which allows to format the date based on User's locale.

A lightning:formattedDateTime component displays formatted date and time. This component uses the Intl.DateTimeFormat JavaScript object to format date values. The locale set in the app's user preferences determines the formatting.

  • But what about different locales? I should not have to hardcode the format. If I switch my local to English UK the format should be DD/MM/YYYY. These are things we don't have to worry about in VisualForce pages.
    – Homerlex
    Sep 17 '18 at 20:06
  • If you want to use locale, then you should instead use lightning:formattedDateTime
    – Jayant Das
    Sep 17 '18 at 20:08
  • Thanks for the suggestion but lightning:formattedDateTime outputs the the same wrong format - "Sep 17, 2018". Am I the only one seeing this?
    – Homerlex
    Sep 18 '18 at 11:15
  • If I specify the format like the following it works but I would expect the default format to match the standard UI's format: <lightning:formattedDateTime value="{!v.benefitList[0].ExpirationDate__c}" year="numeric" month="numeric" day="numeric" />
    – Homerlex
    Sep 18 '18 at 11:20
  • Dang, I just noticed that when I use lightning:formattedDateTime the date is rendered 1 day behind the actual date. Some other thread suggested add timeZone="UTC" to the formatting and that seems to fix it but date formatting in lightning seems all kinds of messed up. And to confirm, I am outputting a Date object not a DateTime object.
    – Homerlex
    Sep 18 '18 at 12:12

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