Let's say we're selling product licences, and have defined block pricing, e.g:

  • 1-10: $100
  • 10-50: $400
  • 50-100: $700

But what about product cost? There is not the same cost for each range. So the margin gets wrong.

Can we block-price cost?


What I read in documentation here: Block pricing is useful when you sell products by packs or groups of various quantities and want to represent the pack as a single quote line. For example, a pack of one to 10 units costs $10, while a pack of 11–20 units costs $18. Sales reps can also use decreasing per-unit costs toward the end of each range as a selling incentive.

When a sales rep searches for a block-priced product, Salesforce CPQ shows its standard price on the Add Products page. However, when they add it to a quote, Salesforce CPQ evaluates its quantity and uses the appropriate block price for the quote line’s list unit price. They can then apply discounts as needed.

Also, I found another Salesforce link that talks as: Apply a per unit price within Block Price Tiers in Salesforce CPQ

  • Thanks, I've seen those, and both refer to price, not the cost. We need to compare cost and sales price, to find our margin. – specimen Sep 14 '18 at 13:02

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