I discovered there is a standard Address object, but that it only appeared once we set up Field Services. Does this mean it cannot/should not be used outside of FS functionality?

I have a custom AlternateAddress object to cater for multiple delivery addresses for an Account, but am wondering whether I should ditch that and use the standard object instead. Even though, as SysAdmin, I have full access to the standard Address object (as I have FS access too), there seems to be no standard tab for it.

Also, will non-FS licensed users see this standard Address? Anyone have any information for me please, since searching doesn't seem to offer up much.

Looks like I can't create a tab for it either.


According to SF standard object documentation , Standard Sobject is only unlocked when you enable field service lightning. Once enabled it can be used in your apex code and everywhere.

Also salesforce has added an Usage section:

“Address” in Salesforce can also refer to the Address compound field found on many standard objects. When referencing the Address object in your Apex code, always use Schema.Address instead of Address to prevent confusion with the standard Address compound field. If referencing both the address object and the Address field in the same snippet, you can differentiate between the two by using System.Address for the field and Schema.Address for the object.

Which means its available in Apex and Apex would be used by everyone even if they dont have field service license.

  • Hi yes I did read that, but what I wanted to find out is whether anyone is using it for non-FS related purposes, say for Accounts, and whether it's recommended or not. I don't want to change my current use of the custom object to this one, only to discover later that I shouldn't have. Just being cautious! :) – Irene Sep 14 '18 at 1:37

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