At my work, we have the following development journey:

  • we develop in one dev org
  • via Jenkins, we retrieve all the metadata (and I mean all)
  • after retrieving the metadata, Jenkins commit it to our git repository
  • from there, the data is deployed to the testing environment and production

After the Winter'19 release, we expected some errors during the validation of the code against the testing environment because our dev org is still in Summer'18.

We usually correct them by excluding the metadata from the script Jenkins uses, if it is not a Salesforce element that we use.

This time, it was an old permission set that was not used anymore and the QuickText object that we don't use in our organization. We exclude them from the script and run the deployment again. And that is then that we start those errors:

  • Internal Salesforce Error: 398686825-35477 (-1379387317) (-1379387317) Stack Trace: null
  • Internal Salesforce Error: 398686825-35476 (-41106703) (-41106703) Stack Trace: null

Also when we try to access the test failure page later it says: enter image description here

Has anyone faced that same problem ? Or does anybody have a clue on what we should do ?

  • Best bet is to contact Salesforce – Raul Sep 11 '18 at 8:06
  • We have already launch that "process" if I might say. I will of course write back here if we get a solution from Salesforce. – tak971 Sep 11 '18 at 8:10
  • This is a Winter'19 bug on the execution of Test Classes. We raised a Salesforce ticket. ETA 2 days. – clairvoyant Sep 11 '18 at 11:29

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