When creating my Scratch org, I've added the MultiCurrency feature, and that works, but I still need to go in manually to add the currencies and set the company currency. Is it possible to to this via CLI, so scratch orgs can be more scripted?

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Yes, you can insert currencies and change the corporate currency via the API. A quick way of doing this is sfdx force:data:tree:import -f CurrencyTypes.json where CurrencyTypes.json contains the following:

  "records": [
      "attributes": {
        "type": "CurrencyType",
        "referenceId": "ref1"
      "IsoCode": "INR",
      "DecimalPlaces": 2,
      "ConversionRate": 1.5,
      "IsCorporate": true

Importing this into my scratch org, which was created with a default currency of GBP, (my scratch definition has a country of "GB"), resulted in my corporate currency becoming INR, and GBP being updated with an appropriate conversion rate to the corporate currency.

  • I might add that to change the corporate, one must set the new corporate currency before unsetting the old.
    – specimen
    Commented Sep 11, 2018 at 8:09

This is now supported. I just had to do this same thing on a scratch org, solved it by using to export

sf data export tree --query "SELECT Id, IsoCode, ConversionRate, DecimalPlaces, IsActive, IsCorporate FROM CurrencyType" --target-org prodOrg --output-dir data

And this to import in the scratch org

sf data import tree --files data/CurrencyType.json --target-org scratchOrgAlias

The metadata API doesn't support currency exchange rates, so you can't automatically set up multiple currencies. This is still, unfortunately, a manual process.

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