i have a problem with populating field with data from different Object. I tried something like this, but it say "Incompatible types since an instance of Schema.SObjectField is never an instance of String" in this row

newTransaction.CC_Account_Number__c = (String) Case.Currency__c;

Here is whole method

    public static List<Transaction__c> addNewTransaction(String dataJson) {
        List<Transaction__c> dataList = (List<Transaction__c>) JSON.deserialize(dataJson, List<Transaction__c>.class);

        Transaction__c oldTransaction = dataList.get(0);
        Transaction__c newTransaction = new Transaction__c();
        newTransaction.KLIP_Subcase__c = oldTransaction.KLIP_Subcase__c;

        newTransaction.CC_Account_Number__c = (String) Case.Currency__c;

        insert newTransaction;

        return dataList;

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Case.Currency__c is a reference to a field on the Case sObject. Its value is, as the error message suggests, a Schema.SObjectField, used as part of the Describe API.

It's not clear what you're trying to do here. If you're pulling data out of the incoming Transaction__c, you need to use a reference into that object. If your Transaction__c has a lookup to Case, you'll likely need to be performing a query here to get the value of Currency__c from that specific Case record.

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