I would like to know if it is possible to evaluate the expresion not comparing to a constant but instead to another variable, like the iteration variable from aura:iteration.

I want to evaluate the expression for every iteration. This is my code

<aura:iteration items="{!v.tiles}" var="tile" end="7">
   <aura:if isTrue="{!v.tileName == tile}">

       <!-- content renders if true --> 

   <aura:set attribute="else">

       <!-- content renders if false -->

I dont know if it is unsupported or if I am making a syntax error but it does not work.

Thank you.

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    its not clear what you are trying to do, like compare !tile.name == tile.someOtherName ? – glls Sep 10 '18 at 2:27
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    you probably want to check Expression Functions Reference – glls Sep 10 '18 at 2:30
  • Share the type of tiles, tileName attributes. – itzmukeshy7 Sep 10 '18 at 2:33

Your problem is elsewhere in code you've omitted. Here's a self-contained example of comparing the current iterator to a specified value:

<aura:application >
    <aura:attribute name="items" type="List" default="[1,2,3]" />
    <aura:attribute name="current" type="Integer" default="2" />

    <aura:iteration items="{!v.items}" var="item">
        <aura:if isTrue="{!v.current == item}">
            <div>Current: {!item}</div>
            <aura:set attribute="else">
                <div>Not Current: {!item}</div>


Not Current: 1
Current: 2
Not Current: 3
  • You understood my point and your example has showed me that compring can be possible. I have problem with my v.current variable. It is calculated in the js controller and I can debug it but I dont know how to debug it in the component. I will try lightning inspector and use eq instead of == for comparing. – ElkCor Sep 10 '18 at 3:30
  • @ElkCor I suspect maybe you didn't store the value back into the data set? You can't use an evaluated value without storing it back in to the data. – sfdcfox Sep 10 '18 at 3:41

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