Im developing a custom activity for Journey Builder that requires a hover over state showing stats that will come from my server. Because the hover over url needs to be defined in the config.json on initialization, I have no idea which custom activity the hover over request is coming from.

For example, if I have two custom activities in my activated Journey, the requests that I get from each hover over event look exactly the same. I need to display different data on hover for each custom activity, but the requests to the server are identical.

I understand that I can use Postmonger to get some data, but for example if I inspect the payload from the initActivityRunningHover the data is still in the templating language format:

{ "name": "", "arguments": { "executionMode": "{{Context.ExecutionMode}}", "definitionId": "{{Context.DefinitionId}}", "activityId": "{{Activity.Id}}", "contactKey": "{{Contact.Key}}", "execute": ...

If there is any way at the point of hover over state I could know the "activityId" I can use it to send back the correct data to display on hover over.

Thanks for your time!


probably you have found it yourself, but I've founded that value of id attribute is the same as {{Activity.Id}} which will be send later from MC during execute request ...


Hope this can help ...

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