hi all i have created an event with multiple contacts and then when i was trying to get the list contacts that are associated with an event in SOQL the result only first contact is returning i.e

Set<Id> contactIds = new Set<Id>();

for(Event e : [select subject,whoid from event where createdate = TODAY()])

List<Contact> cons = [select Id, Name from Contact where ID IN : contactIds];

That's by design - the WhoId always shows a single, primary relationship on the Event (or Task).

To get all associated contacts, you need to query the EventWhoRelation object, a junction between Event and Contact. You'd filter on EventId to get the relations for one or more specific Events.

Note however that EventWhoRelation doesn't necessarily point to a Contact (it could be a Lead, for example), but you can look at the Type field to tell the difference.

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