I am new to Salesforce.

I installed VSCode and added some plugins then installed vforce plugin as shown in this video.

I have the following plugins installed:

enter image description here

When I try to run command in command platte:

enter image description here

I get the below issue:

enter image description here

I have set up the user name, password and token in the user settings.

What can be the cause of this issue?


You don't need the legacy vsforce package, which has not been developed for two years, if you've also installed the Salesforce DX CLI package.

SFDX already supports retrieval and deployment of Metadata API packages using the force:mdapi:retrieve and force:mdapi:deploy commands, even without using a Dev Hub or SFDX source format.

Additionally, pre-release versions of SFDX and the extensions for VS Code support development against non-scratch orgs using a Metadata API package.xml with SFDX-format source code.

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