Does anyone know is it possible to enable SOAP API for Group and Professional editions with OAuth 2.0 (connected app) authentication?

I cannot find this info directly in the documentation. What stated is the following:

  1. You can also request that a connected app be whitelisted to use the REST API in GE or PE organizations. --- This is only about REST.

  2. SOAP based Web services can be enabled using an API token called a Client ID, which needs to be appended to your SOAP headers in integration calls. This special key enables your app to successfully make calls to GE/PE even if the customer does not have API access. --- It is not clear will SOAP API work with OAuth access token or only via direct credentials login.

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Vitaly

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    Client ID is for ISVs to bypass the PE API restriction, and only available through special arrangement.
    – sfdcfox
    Dec 27, 2013 at 15:09

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It will work (Assuming you have somehow gotten API access on PE, which is a licensing arrangement with Salesforce) however you need to ensure the OAuth setup includes the appropriate 'api' scope:


The appropriate bit:

The scope parameter enables you to fine-tune what the client application can access in a Salesforce organization. The valid values for scope are:


Allows access to the current, logged-in user’s account using APIs, such as REST API and Bulk API. This value also includes chatter_api, which allows access to Chatter REST API resources.

'Such as' also includes the SOAP API.

  • Thanks, Steven. So I suppose that I will receive ClientID as a result of licensing arrangement which can be done after security review, right? Yes, in almost all places I find REST API notion and SOAP is masked under "Such as" or sort of phrases. That is why I decided to clarify. Dec 30, 2013 at 14:45

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