I am currently experiencing an issue with individual email results syncing from from marketing cloud to sales cloud from a child business unit (IER's from the parent business unit are syncing just fine). I have a case in with support (but that is slow going so I'd thought I'd check in here too), and I was referred to the following article to clear invalid tokens: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=mc_co_clear_invalid_tokens.htm&type=5

The syntax provided (pasted below) does not seem to be correct, as I could not get it to execute after a number of iterations. I eventually found a knowledge article (https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=000214335&type=1) that had a slightly different version.

Code that would not run (I tried many different versions of this):

et4ae5.SupportUtilities.deleteUserTokens('APIUSER|<Default MID >');
et4ae5.SupportUtilities.deleteUserTokens('APIUSER|<MID 2>');

Code that did run:

et4ae5.SupportUtilities.deleteUserTokens('UserId', TRUE);

The second version definitely seemed to work to clear the tokens at the parent level, however, I am still experiencing issues with the child business units. I am wondering if I need to also clear the tokens in the child business units (as indicated in the first article), but I cannot figure out how to do it. Does anyone know the proper syntax to clear the tokens for the other business units? Or have any other thoughts/recommendations for this particular issue, I'd welcome them.

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I often use below query for the clearance of OAuth tokens for Marketing cloud connect. Before this you have to disconnect the Salesforce Integration in Marketing cloud --> Email Studio--> Salesforce Integration. Based on how many business unit is connected with Salesforce run the query one bye one in the Developer Console of Salesforce (Debug.

et4ae5.SupportUtilities.deleteUserTokens('Use the User ID’s of the System(tracking) user 
(System User or API User'); 
et4ae5.SupportUtilities.deleteUserTokens('Use the User ID’s of the System(tracking) user 
(System User or API User| Use the MID’s of the Marketing Cloud Business Unit); 
Then Run 

Note : You need to know how many Business Unit are connected with that System User/API User.

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