Where can I get the URL for adding a VF page through iframe to a custom lightning component?

1 I create a VF page.

2 I know that I can display it in lightning using the following approach

<iframe src="{!'myURL'}" width="100%" height="300px;" frameBorder="0"/>

Where can I get myURL?


You will need to provide the src here. It actually is the absolute url to your VF page along with your instance url.

So let's say you have a VF page named myVFPage, and that your instance URL is say https://your-subdomain.my.salesforce.com, then your code should look like as below:

<iframe src="https://your-subdomain.my.salesforce.com/apex/myVFPage" width="100%" height="300px;" frameBorder="0"/>

And to add more details to this, you may like to actually maintain a variable on your component which gets populated during the init of your component which gets populated with your instance URL. You will need to make a server trip here though. But with this approach, you don't have to hard-code the URL whenever you deploy the code to other sandboxes. And that you use that variable to construct the URL. Something as below:

<iframe src="{!v.baseURL + '/apex/myVFPage'" width="100%" height="300px;" frameBorder="0"/>

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