I have a situation where I need to edit contents of lightning:dataTable and editing should be done from a picklist and not from edit box.

I have seen many examples where custom inline Editors are created and custom data table is created nut is there a way to do it using <lightning:dataTable>

My code is :

.cmp file :

 <lightning:dataTable aura:id="Tree" columns="{!v.gridColumns}" data="{!v.gridData}" keyField="id"  hideCheckboxColumn="true"/>

.js code

        var Columns = [
            type: 'text',
            fieldName: 'text',
            label: 'Name'
            type: 'text',
            fieldName: 'type',
            label: 'Type'

    component.set('v.gridColumns', Columns);

I want Name column to be editable and it should pick values from a dropdown/picklist.

adding editable:'true' will make it as editable but it will be textbox editable

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Not possible. Picklist isn't an available data type in lightning:datatable. You would need to implement your own custom data table if you wanted to have this feature available.


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