I have created 'send Email' button on my Custom Object with below URL

&p2_lkid={! ITOVC_Alert_Case__c.Alert_Owner__c }
&p6={! ITOVC_Alert_Case__c.Subject__c }

in p2_lkid I am trying to use look up to user but it shows only lookup to contact.

I read p2_lkid is the Who Id.

Is there any way to point it to user look up?


These are the parameters that are available to you.

    rtype –“Type” for the Related To
    p3_lkid – Related To ID (Opportunity)
    retURL – return URL (Where the page goes, for example when you click Cancel)

    p2_lkid – To (Contact or Lead ID)
    p4 – CC
    p5 – BCC
    p6 – Subject
    p23 – Email Body
    p24 – Additional To
    template_id – Email Template ID

p2_lkid references the recipient of the email. Use to populate "To" field. It automatically fetches the email of contact to send the email. Also, populates the contact merge fields, if used.

Salesforce email URL hacking is not recommended and not supported. URL hacking can have some strange side effects especially with the From field (p26 parameter).

One of the most common observed issues is that if the page param doesn't match the option value exactly, then the customer will end up with two seemingly identical entries in the dropdown. Another side effect spotted is that the parameter being passed is completely ignored and a random value gets selected instead.


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  2. https://thewizardnews.com/2014/01/30/url-hack-revisted-auto-select-email-template-with-custom-button/

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