Getting profile and their custom objects having read access based on the userLicense type

using below method I am fetching the list of profile and corresponding object's count having READ access and displaying them into lightning component.

 public static List<AggregateResult> getProfileInfo() {
    Set<String> sobjectNames = new Set<String>();
    for ( Schema.SObjectType o : Schema.getGlobalDescribe().values() ){
       Schema.DescribeSObjectResult objResult = o.getDescribe(); 
               !objResult.getName().startsWith('Flosum') && !objResult.getName().startsWith('pi__') &&
               !objResult.getName().startsWith('DMAPP__') && !objResult.getName().startsWith('DMMAX__') &&
               !objResult.getName().startsWith('DMPPT__') && !objResult.getName().startsWith('DMSPM__') &&
               !objResult.getName().startsWith('APXTConga4__') && !objResult.getName().startsWith('LEXMAGICMOVER__') &&
   List<AggregateResult> plist = new List<AggregateResult>();
   plist = [SELECT Parent.Profile.Name Name, COUNT(SObjectType) Quantity FROM ObjectPermissions 
            WHERE (ParentId IN (SELECT PermissionSetId FROM PermissionSetAssignment)) 
            AND Parent.IsOwnedByProfile = true 
            AND PermissionsRead = true
            AND PermissionsCreate = false
            AND PermissionsDelete = false
            AND PermissionsEdit = false
            AND PermissionsModifyAllRecords = false
            AND PermissionsViewAllRecords = false
            AND (SObjectType IN :sobjectNames) 
            GROUP BY Parent.Profile.Name];
   return plist;

Above code is working fine now I want to fetch profiles and corresponding custom objects based on the userLicense selected from dropdown from the component. So I am passing the name like 'Salesforce' from component to this method, so how can I pass the selected license type in this where clause ? Because I couldn't found any relation between "ObjectPermission" and "UserLicense" objects.

Here is the query which can fetch profile based on the licenses.

Map<Id,Profile> profileIds = new Map<id,profile>([SELECT Id, Name, UserLicenseId FROM Profile where UserLicenseId  in (SELECT Id FROM UserLicense where name ='Salesforce')]);
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