Have a very simply Process that does not execute. It executes as follows

Choose Object: Task - When a record is created or edited Action Group: No Criteria - Just execute the actions On True Run Flow: Set Variable of TaskID to Field Reference of [Task].ID.

Flow simply takes a TaskID variable then updates the Task based off various conditions.

I have debugged my flow. I can take the TaskID from a Task URL and run in my flow, the debug completes, no errors. The task updates. Somehow my Process builder isn't triggering.

It's set to active. The flow is set to active and of type Autolaunched Flow. I'm not sure where to go next to troubleshoot.

Edit: After further research, is it because the Tasks I am hoping run through PB are created through a Workflow? Do Workflow created Tasks not cooperate with PB?

Any thoughts?

  • According to the order of execution, it should work. A workflow can trigger a Process Builder, no issues with that. Make sure both workflow and process builder are active and the criteria are right. What's happening in your workflow? Is the workflow time based tirgger? – sfdcFanBoy Aug 28 '18 at 5:40
  • @sfdcFanBoy Currently, Once a lead is generated X amount of tasks are created by that workflow. I have a PB that is set up that once a new task is created it executes and then runs the flow. Somehow it feels like the Workflow and then the PB aren't executing in line correctly. Do i need to have the workflow execute a PB? Also by workflow, I am referring to workflow rules and not just a flow – ahackett Aug 29 '18 at 0:39

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