I know that we can get a string from XMLNode using a string and using String invoiceNumber = root.getChildElement('invoiceNumber', null).getText(); . But I need a decimal number from same XML. can anyone please let me know the code how to get that? Thanks a Ton.. Ashok.

  • There's no direct method which can parse non string data from xml, as far as I can tell you. If you know the node type, you can always convert it to the required data type once you have parsed the contents.
    – Jayant Das
    Aug 27 '18 at 12:30
  • HI @Jayant I have a list/array of decimals in that XML. I can add them to a string[] using same above syntax but I am not getting an idea how to change that string[] list to decimal. if that is a single value, then I can use valueOf(String). Can you give me a clue. Thank you.
    – AshSFcloud
    Aug 28 '18 at 4:24
  • Can you provide the sample xml and how you are retrieving the value?
    – Jayant Das
    Aug 28 '18 at 5:08

If you have a look at the documentation on the various primitive types (i.e. Integer, Boolean, Decimal, etc...) you'll find that they have a valueOf() method that takes a string.

The decimal class is no different. From the Decimal class documentation


Returns a Decimal that contains the value of the specified String. As in Java, the string is interpreted as representing a signed Decimal.


public static Decimal valueOf(String stringToDecimal)


stringToDecimal Type: String

Return Value

Type: Decimal


String temp = '12.4567';
Decimal myDecimal = Decimal.valueOf(temp);
  • I really appreciate your response. I am recovering from XML response body and also, the Decimal is under 4th childNode of the XML. I have almost 6 to 7 decimals of same variable and they varies. valueOf(String) can be useful but I can not use through 'child4.getElement(variable,null)' kind of coding. If there is a way, please let me know. Thank you.
    – AshSFcloud
    Aug 28 '18 at 4:20

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