I have an unmanaged package that has a dependecy on a third party managed package. I want to use this unmanaged package to create a new org to do some work. However, the new instance doesn't have this 3rd party package installed on it and due to licensing/pricing it probably isn't going to.

If I could clone the unmanaged package and remove the dependecny on the 3rd party package, I should be fine. However I can't seem to figure out a way to do that. The unamanaged package has a lot in it so recreating it with everything except this 3rd party tool would be hard.

Is there any way to do this in a more automated fashion?

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I don't think you can remove that dependency automatically. Other than that you can try going like this:

  1. Using Migration Tool / SFDX / some IDE (MavensMate, Illuminated Cloud) download all metadata related to the package.
  2. Try deploying it to another system. You will need SFDX or Migration Tool for this depending on the org setup. Get errors, specifically showing places where the dependency exists
  3. Resolve dependency issues
  4. Upload again, successfully this time

I think this should work for you. Will gladly provide any further assistance

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