I have a requirement where i have one parent account and that account has many child accounts and their opportunities. The Account Owner of the Parent account needs to be able to report out a summary of all of the details and activity which has happened on all accounts and opportunities underneath their Parent Account, by account hierarchy. Is it possible by using joined report? Please help.

Thanks, Sanjana

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If I got your requirements right you indeed can use a joined report and 2 standard report types: Opportunities and Tasks and Events.

enter image description here

Once in the Report Builder group them by the Parent Account. Set other filters for more granular control over what you want to display.

This is a simple approach, it may bring some value for analysis though. If you need something complex, consider creating custom report types (with lookup fields if necessary) and build reports based off them.


You have to create a new Report Type for it. From SetUp--> Report Type. In that Select Primary Object as a "Account" and in Step 2, select child object (B) select "Opportunity" and in "A to B Relationships" select 2nd Option(A records may or may not....). And In "C" select Activity Object

Create new report with new Report Type and Group by a row using Parent Account Name and Account Name

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