I followed the below Account setting feature to enable Person Account.

Enable Person Accounts in Account settings

This seems not getting saved even though I have followed all 3 guidelines. Then found this article explaining why we Cannot save 'Allow customer support to enable Person Accounts' setting

This is often due to a conflict in the settings of the "Authenticated Website" license. If so, please note it within your case to request the activation of the Person Accounts feature, grant login access to Support and our Support agents will assist with the next steps.

Accordingly, I tried to create a support request from the Dev. org. but when I try to log in, it logs me out, just after log-in with no messages.

Is there a successful workaround to get Person Accounts enabled in Dev. org. please. Appreciate any thoughts, Thanks.

  • Have you tried in a new private browser window? I've had similar issues with support in dev org where something to do with the SSO setup just fails like that.
    – Matt Lacey
    Aug 23 '18 at 1:56
  • You can’t create a case from a dev org. They do not provide support which is why they slam the door on you. I suggest trying a scratch org where you can enable that feature when creating it IIRC
    – Eric
    Aug 23 '18 at 6:03
  • Thanks @MattLacey and Eric, Somehow managed to get to them via a Prod org. and get it done! :) Aug 23 '18 at 6:19

Seems it's not possible to do it using dev org's Salesforce username. But we were able to enable Person Accounts by creating a Case using a Production org.

Also please feel free to vote this idea for Salesforce to enable customers to signup for Person Accounts enabled Org without having to go through this process.

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