I wonder if it is possible to JSON.deserializeUntyped directly to DateTime type. How can I check if deserialized Object in Map has type of DateTime? I am curious is it possible, because Object in map has always String type.

String myDate = '{ "MyDate" : "2018-08-31T06:00:00.000Z" }';
Map<String, Object> ds = (Map<String, Object>) 
System.debug(ds.get('MyDate') instanceof DateTime);
System.debug(JSON.deserialize((String)ds.get('MyDate'), DateTime.class));

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Your format doesn't line up with those that work with Datetime.valueOf (nor Datetime.parse). The format it expects is 2018-08-31 06:00:00 I was able to do some light string manipulation to get the Datetime value:

String myDate = '{"MyDate": "2018-08-31T06:00:00.000Z"}';
Map<String, Object> data = (Map<String, Object>)JSON.deserializeUntyped(myDate);
String formatted = ((String)data.get('MyDate')).replace('T', ' ').replace('.000Z', '');
Datetime value = Datetime.valueOfGmt(formatted));
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No, deserializedUntyped simply doesn't work that way; it can only deserialize to List<Object>, Map<String, Object>, Decimal, String, Boolean and null. It doesn't try to figure out if there's a Date or a DateTime or a more complicated structure. However, assuming you have your value, you can parse it independently:

Map<String, Object> values = (Map<String, Object>)JSON.deserializeUntyped(myDate);
String value = (String)values.get('MyDate');
DateTime dt = (DateTime)JSON.deserialize('"'+value+'"', DateTime.class);

I realize it's not terribly practical, but that's the only way you'd get the JSON parser to work the way you'd like. It'd be far more practical to JSON.deserialize to a concrete data type:

Map<String, DateTime> values = (Map<String, DateTime>)
  JSON.deserialize(myDate, Map<String, DateTime>.class);

Or, as Adrian suggested, removing the parts that DateTime.valueOf/DateTime.parse don't like, and using that instead.

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