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Started seeing this from yesterday in full sandbox and not in the dev box. Just wondering how a new feature has come up in the last 2 days in to Salesforce as it was not part of any maintenance. We are on CS6.

Any ideas ?


Someone from System Admin profile has activated Email Relay.

So, before activation, you will see a menu link (Email Relay Activation). After clicking that link following screen is displayed.

Email Relay

And finally, activating email replay, you will see "Email Delivery Settings" menu as you have posted.

Email Admin

You can replicate this scenario at your DE.

  • I tried this in my development environment and it did not make any difference. I can still only see the old email relay activation menu – Bob Gali Aug 23 '18 at 0:27

I don't think it because of activation/deactivation. It happens because we hit the 'Try it now' for the new features.

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