I am using MetaDataService to create and update Custom Metadata.

I want to also delete records created inside Custom Metadata Type.

I know there is method available to delete metadata like I am using following:

MetadataService.MetadataPort service = new  MetadataService.MetadataPort();
MetadataService.DeleteResult [] results = new MetadataService.DeleteResult []{};
results =service.deleteMetadata('CustomMetadata',new List<String>(API_NAME_OF_METADATA));

Here we need to provide two arguments to deleteMetadata method of MetadataService:

  1. Type
  2. List - List of API Names

I have Test_MetaData__mdt and inside that I have 5 records. Now, If I have to delete 5 records of Test_MetaData__mdt which type or what arguments should I provide to MetadataService so that I can delete those 5 records?

MetaDataService Delete method

public MetadataService.DeleteResult[] deleteMetadata(String type_x,String[] fullNames) {


results =service.deleteMetadata('Which Type?',new List<String>(What Values?));

What values do I need to use for the API Name? Or is it possible to delete custom metadata records via Apex?

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Yes, it is possible to delete metadata records using MetadataService.deleteMetadata method.

Here is a sample method call that should work:

List<String> recordsToDelete = new List<String>();
service.deleteMetadata('CustomMetadata', recordsToDelete);

where My_Custom_Type is the custom metadata type whose record you are trying to delete.

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Right now, I don't think it is possible to delete metadata records via Apex - only create/update

From the Trailhead Docs

Although there’s a lot you can do with Apex Metadata API, there are some > limitations to keep in mind.

In the current release, we support only two metadata types: page layouts and the records of custom metadata types. Reading, creating, and updating metadata are supported, but deleting metadata is not supported.

The Salesforce Foundation has done a lot of work with Apex and Custom Metadata recently, and their approach was to add a flag to every record called 'Is Deleted', update that to true when a user wanted to mark something as deleted, and then suppress those records when they were being accessed via a query - so basically a custom soft delete. A user can still delete via regular CMD Setup UI if they aren't protected, and /or I think the regular metadata API will still allow deletions

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