I am reviewing the Editions and Pricing Pages for Service Cloud, and under the heading: Empowering customers with self-service communities, there is a sub-heading: Community Starter that is listed as a feature of the Lightning Enterprise license.

I see Customer Community and Customer Account Portal are listed as available for additional fees, which I'm assuming refers to licensing to Community Cloud.

Service Cloud - Community Starter

I am wondering what the difference is between Community Starter and the features available as part of one of the options under Community Cloud? Take for example licensing Community Cloud for a Self-Service Customer Community edition?

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"Community Starter" refers to the ability for Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited orgs to create up to 100 un-authenticated sites using Lightning Community Templates. For these un-authenticated sites, communities licenses are not required. This allows orgs to publish public pages or knowledge centers (though a separate license is required to author knowledge articles).

More info is available in the Winter '18 release notes: https://releasenotes.docs.salesforce.com/en-us/winter18/release-notes/rn_networks_communities_wo_licenses.htm

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