I have a requirement to allow web-to-case form to upload attachments. Now, as per the docs there are two possible ways to do so:

  • Implement Visualforce pages in Force.com Sites.
  • Using Force.com web services API implementation.

I opted for the former solution, i.e. VF page in Force.com Sites. All is working fine, but I have to use that page in 5 different client sites. So, I proposed, to use the VF page inside an iFrame, so the branding of the site would override the VF page with the header and footer, etc.

I tried that myself first on Blogger to see if the idea works as I hoped it would! (see below)

enter image description here

Workarounds available at my disposal:

  • Create 5 different VF pages with specific styling related to each site brand and then share each VF page with specific team.
    • Problem: any change in requirements or fields would need to me change every VF page.


Is there a way to display my Force.com Site VF page on external site with their branding?

  • Create a dynamic page that accepts the brand as a url parameter. You then could use custom objects/meta data to handle the changes via clicks rather than code.
    – Girbot
    Aug 17, 2018 at 18:44

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I was able to display my site's page on external in an iFrame by following method

  • goto Site settings from setup
  • set the "Clickjack Protection Level" to "Allow framing by any page (no protection)"
  • press "Save"

enter image description here

Review "Load denied by X-Frame-Options: URL does not permit framing.' error message" for more details.

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