I have an active triggered send. I am using AMPScript in CloudPage to fire this triggered send. I am passing some attributes to this Triggered send. I need to use the value of these attributes to show it in email.

SET @attr = CreateObject("Attribute")
SetObjectProperty(@attr, "Name", "attributeName")
SetObjectProperty(@attr, "Value", @DEColumn2)
AddObjectArrayItem(@ts_sub, "Attributes", @attr)
  1. But If I use RequestParameter() function, I am not getting any value.

  2. Also,if I use personalisation string (%%attributeName%%), triggered send throws validation error.

How can I use the "triggered send" attribute values in HTML email?

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Assuming you have a data extension associated with your Triggered Send Definition, you just need to do something like this in your email's AMPscript:


var @attributeName
set @attributeName = AttributeValue("attributeName")

<br>attributeName: %%=v(@attributeName)=%%


  • hi Adam, I've been trying to find an SSJS counterpart for that. Any chance you know it? Commented Apr 9, 2019 at 14:32

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