I have got Workbench installed onto a linux vm with Apache but when I try to access the site, I get an error.

PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/var/www/html/workbench/../vendor/autoload.php

If I comment out this line /var/www/html/workbench/shared.php, then I am able to access workbench.

I understand that composer install will create autoload.php file but from the docs this is not mentioned and I also see composer.lock file.

Question, Do I need to keep below line of code? What is the impact if I leave it commented? If this is required,do I have to go the route of composer install?

require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';


  • While Workbench is widely used in the Salesforce ecosystem, PHP and server admin are a little outside of the standard scope of this StackExchange. Someone appears to have reported an issue on the project's GitHub that is closely related. – David Reed Aug 16 '18 at 20:13

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