I put this slds progress bar code in my lightning component

<aura:component  controller="myController" >
    <div class="slds-grid slds-grid_align-spread slds-p-bottom_x-small" id="progress-bar-label-id-1">
     <span aria-hidden="true">
        <strong>25% Complete</strong>
    <div class="slds-progress-bar barStyle" aria-valuemin="0" aria-valuemax="100" aria-valuenow="25" aria-labelledby="progress-bar-label-id-1" role="progressbar">
    <span class="slds-progress-bar__value" style="width: 25%;">
          <span class="slds-assistive-text">Progress: 25%</span>

It's just part of the whole code. I'm already using a controller for this component. I just need to add a progress bar on one of the rows. I have another controller for the progress bar that computes from apex jobs. I just dont know how to apply it on this lightning component. I'm still confused. i've found a sample code on net that I wish to apply...but i dont know how to start it...

this is the sample code that I might want to apply found in this site but it's used on a visualforce page


Unless you have a very specific requirement in terms of style, use the lightning:progressBar base lightning component:

<lightning:progressBar value="50" size="large" />

you can try using the below

<lightning:progressIndicator currentStep="{!v.currentStepIs}" type="base">
         <lightning:progressStep label="1st Step" value="" onclick=""/>
         <lightning:progressStep label="2nd Step" value="" onclick=""/>
         <lightning:progressStep label="3rd Step" value="" onclick=""/>
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    what you are proposing here is a progress indicator and not a progress bar. It's a different component from what OP requested. – POZ Aug 16 '18 at 9:20

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