I have Cases that are logged against Assets, and I see them under Products record page layout as well in Classic (see image below). It is standard system behavior, that the products record show cases related to Assets (standard relationship).

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All looks nice in Classic but in the Lightning experience it only shows Assets related list.

enter image description here

What have I tried so far?

  • I have looked at another question Related Lists are not working in Lightning page
  • Salesforce knowledge article pertaining to similar problem
  • Ensured that the Case related list is added to the concerned Product page layout
  • Tried to add a "Related List - Single" component by editing the Product Lightning page editor but Cases don't appear in that option either.

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I logged a case with Salesforce and got the following response

I would like to follow up with you regarding this case. From my previous update, I informed you that I did additional testing in my demo org and was able to add the case related list to the product page layout in Classic, I then created a product record and associated it to an asset. However, when logging a case against the asset, then going back to the product record, nothing appeared in the case related list.

As for Lighting, the product case related list did not appear even though it is added to the page layout in Classic. After further investigating, I found a R&D investigation regarding this behavior. Even though the case related list is added to the product page layout in Classic, R&D has no plans to bring this behavior to Lighting and is prioritizing normal use cases for the Case Related List as product is not typically a parent for case (nor opportunity).

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