We have a zipped static resource (our help documentation that includes lots of images) that is of size 4,977,413 bytes when zipped using Deflater.BEST_COMPRESSION. But once converted to SFDX format, a sfdx force:source:push reports:

static resource cannot exceed 5MB

as presumably it is using a different compression algorithm.

Is the SFDX code that does the compression accessible i.e. is it somewhere in the node_modules? And if so, where is it?


I don't think this is going to be configurable any way sensibly for you. From reading the source, there seems to be a few different ways that sfdx deals with archives. From a quick read, the most likely looking culprit for you is in


which has static zipDir(dir) which I think is responsible for rezipping the exploded static resource. It in turn delegates to


Which ultimately uses https://github.com/archiverjs/node-archiver to do the actual archiving. As far as I can tell, sfdx-cli always passes in Z_BEST_COMPRESSION so not much can be done about improving the compression rate.

I don't suppose it is easy to break up the static resource into several different?

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    Thank-you for looking! I guess Java's best and the JavaScript code's best are a bit different. This ZIP will move to a documentation server in a few months time and we can work round this meanwhile. But I'll take a second look based on your observations when i have a bit of time. – Keith C Aug 16 '18 at 18:34

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