We are trying to override the app.css in a custom lightning component embed in quick action to increase the width of the quick action screen. For this we are try to use the '<style></style>'. But it not supported. However tried to use the <head></head> tag. Still it didn't worked out. What is the alternate or workaround for the same ? how to overwrite app.css styles with lightning components Above link we tried which was working in the 2017 release but currently not working.

  • have to tried to upload the css in static resource and then add that static resource in component? try this?
    – Ratan Paul
    Aug 10, 2018 at 10:18

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Upload the following stylesheet as the static resource and include that in your lightning component.

   padding:0 !important;
   padding:0 !important;
   width:80% !important;
   max-width:80% !important;
   overflow-y:hidden !important;
   height:unset !important;
   max-height:unset !important;

You can also update the style using jQuery on the component load.

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