I created calendar event through admin side, It will be showing standard calendar events. Now I created another event through User A, He is standard user profile. But my doubt is User A already created one calendar event, It can't showing Admin side. Why? Administrator have all permissions access to view the all users events. I give sharing access of calendar 'Show Details and Add Events' in Organization Wide Default. Why it can't access to admin user? Could anybody please help on this.

see below images:

enter image description here enter image description here

  • What view do you use to see a calendar? Make sure you use the Multi User View on the Calendar. – Eduard Aug 10 at 7:42
  • Yes Eduard, I want to use Multi User View – Prudvi Aug 10 at 7:53
  • So do you see all the events now? – Eduard Aug 10 at 7:56
  • @Eduard, When User A created one calendar event, it will be display only User A but not Showing that event in Admin view. Why? Admin have all access to view all events of any user? please tell me – Prudvi Aug 10 at 9:12
  • Please attach screenshots for all your cases (when user A is logged in, and when admin is logged in). Without these details it's hard to tell what's wrong with it. – Eduard Aug 10 at 9:25
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Basically you need to change the calendar to the user's calendar you want to see:

Click Change to switch users or calendars.

By default your admin user sees his own calendar in a Single-User View. So you need you switch it to be able to see other's user calendar in a Single-User View.

enter image description here

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