My Lightning app does not want to run in Firefox. The problem is in auto-generated code:

enter image description here

Here is the code:


Did someone have the same problem? How did you tackle it?

I am using Firefox 61.0.1 (64-bit). The app works fine in Chrome and Opera.


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This is a bug in Firefox:

A C++ object that is exposed to JS can have its reflector used as a key in a weak map. Because a weak map does not keep its keys alive, this means that the reflector can be discarded if it has no other references aside from the C++ object, which will in turn remove its weak map entry. If the C++ object can be accessed again later from JS, it will get a new reflector which will have no weak map entry. This is bad because it means some internal implementation detail has resulted in data loss that is visible to JS. (Side note: this is also an issue for cross compartment wrappers, which is handled by another mechanism.)

DOM objects are C++ objects in this context, as opposed to JavaScript objects.

Use Firefox Nightly as a temporary workaround until Firefox 64 is released.


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